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At Just Right Canine Massage we believe that your dog, from puppy to senior, deserves to have the very best physical, mental and emotional health.

Just Right Canine Massage is a professional service that provides for the effective application of Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT) to enhance the health, well-being and longevity of your dog.

Our CMT practitioner, Hazel, is fully qualified with a Diploma of Canine Myofunctional Therapy from the National College of Traditional Medicine. 

Hazel is passionate about CMT as a complementary treatment and works in partnership with your veterinarian to care for your dog.

Hazel's love of dogs and her experience in helping her own dog's recovery after surgery led Hazel to pursue a career in CMT. Her passion is to assist others in providing the very best care for a healthy and happy dog.

Hazel is a member of SAENA and serves on the committee as the Secretary. She and Bonnie participate each year in the Million Paws Walk and Hazel is also a member of the RSPCA.


If you are lucky...

a dog will come into your life,

steal your heart and change everything!


Benefits of
Canine Myofunctinal Therapy

Humans have been experiencing the health benefits of massage for millennia and have understood its effects on health both physically and psychologically.

So, why wouldn't we want to share this with our dogs?

Benefits include:

  • Encourages the body to heal itself

  • Improves circulation

  • Aids all the systems of the body

  • Reduces muscle fatigue

  • Allows for greater flexibility

  • Reduces pain, compensation/ dysfunction

  • Improves joint movement

  • Stimulates lymph circulation

  • Helps release stress and tension

  • Enhances muscle tone

  • Increases range of movement

Your dog + CMT = Healthy, happy dog

What happens at a consultation?

Just Right Canine Massage is a mobile service, so treatments are conducted at your home where your dog is calm and relaxed.

Pre-Visit Questionnaire

  • The general health and medical history of your dog

  • Your dog's environment, nutrition and exercise routine

A consultation includes:

  • Visual observations of your dog's posture and gait

  • Soft tissue diagnosis to detect muscle dysfunction and compensation

  • Massage/Exercises/Stretches

  • Treatment plan/Maintenance plan


We Come To You!


One hour session

$50 per dog

$40 per dog for 2 or more dogs

By Appointment

Pensioner rates available


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South of the River

Specialising in:

Anxiety, Seniors,

Rescues, Puppies, 

Post-injury & Post-operative Recovery, General Health

Health ~ Well-being ~ Longevity




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